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A 200-year old manuscript, complete with water stains and other signs of aging, provides insight into Washington's weather from 1797 to 1798. The manuscript was recently electronically indexed into the NOAA Library's online catalog at the Commerce Department's National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Central Library in Silver Spring, Md.

The manuscript, whose author is unknown, is titled, "Journal of the Weather Kept at the City of Washington in Maryland from 21st day of June 1797 to 21st day of June 1798." The manuscript was purchased from W. H. Lowdermilk & Company by the Weather Bureau in November 1909, for file in the Climatological Division. At that time, the Weather Bureau was part of the Department of Agriculture.

The manuscript was included in the Weather Bureau Library holdings in 1915, and then became part of the NOAA Central Library collection in 1970. Since then it has been kept in the Rare Book Room.

What was the Washington weather like 200 years ago? The manuscript reads: "Nov. 1 to 3d. Fine agreeable warm weather for the season of the year. Wind light and of South East. N.b. [nota bene]: It is now said that the fever which was in Philada [Philadelphia] & Baltimore is entirely gone. Nov. 4th. The weather still extremely warm for the season of the year. There was thick fog this morning, and in the afternoon it began to rain gently from about East, and now in the eveng [evening] it rains hard. This
night is remarkably warm indeed."

Similarly, on Nov. 1, 1999, the high temperature was 73 at Reagan National Airport. The normal high for that date is 64. The record was 86, set in 1974. On Nov. 1, 1999, the low was 54 at Reagan National Airport. The normal low for that date is 45. The record low was 27, set in 1893.

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There are three scanned images of the manuscript available on the Web:
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