NOAA 99-R302
Contact: Patricia Viets


Eveline Cropper-Conquest, a secretary at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Command and Data Acquisition Station in Wallops, Va., has been chosen as an African American role model by a national public service sorority.

Cropper-Conquest was selected by the Accomack-Northampton Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority as their representative for the sorority's African American Women Role Models in Education project. She coordinates a group of volunteers who assist students with their homework and provide tutoring in various subjects.

HELP, the Horntown Educational Learning Project was initially organized to tutor high school students from Horntown, in Accomack County to achieve better grades. The focus quickly spread to elementary school students as well.

"Miss Eveline," as the children call her, coordinates a group of volunteers who meet at Tabernacle Baptist Church Annex to assist students with their homework and to provide tutoring in various subjects. Miss Eveline also spends extra time beforehand canvassing the Horntown neighborhood, picking up children and taking them to the Annex. When the sessions are over, she takes them home again.

About 200 children have received help with homework or tutoring through HELP.

Miss Eveline initiated a summer Pre-Kindergarten program that graduated 60 two-to-six year olds. These students learned basic skills to keep them from entering school already at risk. She also entered into partnership with NASA to provide a Saturday Youth Program (SYP). This program introduces elementary and middle school children to a variety of science and math careers. One of the goals is to target minority middle-school children so that they will be motivated to maintain their academic focus throughout high school. These minority children will provide a pool of eligible candidates for scientific internships that target sophomores and juniors.

"We are well pleased at Mrs. Conquest's endeavors in education," said Lisa Johnson, program committee chairperson with the local chapter of Delta Sigma Theta. "She is truly a role model in education."

Cropper-Conquest was the first minority woman to sit on the Accomack County School Board. She also chairs the Wallops CDA EEOAC Community Outreach Committee. She lives in Horntown.