NOAA News Releases 1999 

12/29/99 Tornadoes of the 20TH Century

12/27/99 1999 Tornado Summary

12/27/99 NOAA'S National Weather Service Has Special Y2K Team Watching the Nation's Weather and Ensuring Readiness

12/22/99 Recent Study off Cape Canaveral Shows Greater Abundance, Biological Diversity and Sizes of Fish in Protected Areas

12/22/99 Commerce Department Proposes New Dolphin-safe Logo

12/21/99 NOAA Calms the Waters amid Fears of "Tide 2-K"

12/20/99 Federal Help Desk Forum Announced

12/16/99 Officials Mark Beginning of New Coastal Polluted Runoff Control Effort

12/15/99 Budget 2000: Protecting Ocean and Coastal Resources

12/15/99 New Regulations Approved for the Recreational and Commercial Gulf of Mexico Red Snapper Fisheries

12/15/99 Santa Asks NOAA: Will We Have a White Christmas?

12/15/99 NOAA to Aid NORAD in Tracking Santa Claus

12/15/99 NOAA Fisheries Proposes Closures Of Federal Waters To Protect Swordfish, Billfish, And Other Highly Migratory Species

12/14/99 Army Corps Will Restore 1,000 Acres of Salmon-Friendly Habitat During Channel Deepening

12/14/99 Fisheries Service Proposes New Approach to Protect West Coast Salmon, Steelhead

12/13/99 NOAA's Sea Grant Program Awards Grants to Study Economic Effects of Pfiesteria, Harmful Algal Blooms

12/13/99 Contracts Awarded for Preliminary Design of Environmental Satellite System of the Future, NOAA Announces

12/13/99 NOAA Releases Century's Top Weather, Water and Climate Events

12/13/99 1999: U.S. Experiences Second Warmest Year on Record; Global Temperatures Continue Warming Trend

12/9/99 Defense Meteorological Satellite Planned for Launch December 12

12/9/99 NOAA Fisheries Implements List of Allowable Fisheries; Gear

12/9/99 NOAA Assesses More than $433,000 in Fines and Seeks Permit Sanctions Against North Florida Fishermen Engaged in Massive Fisheries Fraud

12/8/99 NOAA Announces Funding of River Forecast Initiative

12/7/99 Grand Bay Designated as 24th Estuarine Reserve in Nation

12/6/99 Capt. Dean Smehil, NOAA Corps, Assumes Command of NOAA Ship Miller Freeman

12/6/99 Lt. Cmdr. Christopher Beaverson, NOAA Corps, Assumes Command of NOAA Ship Townsend Cromwell

12/6/99 Federal Lobster Rules Support Interstate Management Plan

12/2/99 NOAA's Weather Service Helps Central American Governments Prepare for Hurricanes and Floods As They Reconstruct Early Warning Capabilities After Hurricane Mitch

11/30/99 John Cunningham Named Head of Tri-agency Environmental Satellite Office

11/30/99 NOAA's Hurricane Officials On Target With Pre-seasonal Storm Forecast; Close 1999 Season Reporting Above Average Fury and Floods

11/29/99 North Atlantic Swordfish Rebuilding Program Adopted at International Meeting

11/24/99 Florida Fisherman Assessed $800 Penalty for Taking a Dead Green Sea Turtle

11/23/99 NOAA Seeks Comments on a Proposed Rule to Allow Oil Industry to Disturb Marine Mammals During Northstar Oil Project

11/19/99 NOAA Establishes David Johnson Award for Innovative Use of Earth Observation Satellite Data

Weather Service, Ham Radio Group Run Y2K Backup Test for Reporting Forecasts and Warnings

NOAA's Fisheries Service Seeks Nominations for Advisory Committees That Will Help Protect Dolphins

11/17/99 Federal Government Proposes Endangered Species Listing for Atlantic Salmon in Maine

11/17/99 Greenhouse Warming May Dry Out America's Bread Basket, say NOAA Scientists

11/16/99 NOAA Fisheries Announces New Permit Provider, Expanded Options to Obtain Atlantic Tunas Permits

11/16/99 Federal Agencies Release Four-H "Working Paper" on Salmon Recovery in Pacific Northwest

11/16/99 Washington Weather of 1797-1798 Detailed in Rare Book in NOAA's Central Library

11/12/99 NOAA, Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the Local Community Celebrate GTM Designation

11/10/99 Satellite Processing of 121.5 MHz Emergency Beacons to Be Phased out

11/9/99 Mary M. Glackin Named Deputy at Nation's Weather Satellite Agency, NOAA Announces

11/9/99 New NOAA Space Weather Scales Make Solar Max Effects More Predictable

11/8/99 NOAA's Satellites Getting Ready for Leonid Meteor Showers

11/3/99 NOAA and Partners Launch First-ever Nation-wide Effort to Map All U.S. Coral Reefs

11/3/99 Charting a New Course for Coral Reef Conservation

11/1/99 La Niña to Bring Southwest a Warmer, Drier Winter

11/1/99 Hurricane Floyd and Drought Reports Available on Line, NOAA Announces

11/1/99 NOAA, FAA Test New Buoy Communication System Expected to Improve Flight Safety over Gulf of Mexico

11/1/99 NOAA Ship Ronald H. Brown Returns from Around-the-World Cruise to Study Global Climate Variability

10/29/99 Annual Report to Congress: Small Increase in Overfished Species

10/29/99 NOAA and Council Establish Marine Conservation District in Federal Waters off the

10/29/99 Restoring Our Nation's Coral Reefs

10/29/99 Tortugas 2000: Protecting Florida's Coral Reefs

10/27/99 NOAA Fisheries Seeking Comment on Navy Request to Operate Low-frequency Active Sonar

10/27/99 NOAA Fisheries Proposes Cook Inlet Beluga Whale as Depleted

10/27/99 NOAA'S Beaufort Laboratory Marks Century of Service

10/26/99 Fisheries Service Launches Search for Experts to Aid Salmon Recovery

10/26/99 North Florida Commercial Dive Fisherman Loses Permits for Life; Fined $10,000 for Violating Federal Fisheries Laws

10/26/99 NOAA Issues Nation's Official Winter Forecast: Lingering La Niña Will Shape Weather Patterns

10/22/99 Interior Department, NOAA to Host Coral Reef Meeting in St. Croix

10/22/99 Tsunami Test Buoy Reacts to California Earthquake

10/21/9 Hawkins Named Chief of Meteorological Services Division for National Weather Service

10/20/99 NOAA'S National Weather Service Is Y2K Ready

10/19/99 1999 National Watchable Wildlife Conference to Hold Symposium on Marine Mammals and Ecotourism

10/18/99 Projected Increase in Heat Index May Impact Southeast U.S., Say NOAA Scientists

10/15/99 Hurricane Irene Prompts Weather Service Warning on Inland Flooding

10/15/99 NOAA Fisheries Responds to Court Concerns Regarding Protection Measures for Endangered Steller Sea Lions

10/14/99 Commerce Secretary Daley Appoints 20 Experts to Marine Fisheries Advisory Committee

10/14/99 NOAA Scientists, Research Aircraft and Doppler Lidar Join Massive Weather Research Study in Europe

10/13/99 Antarctic Ozone Hole Shows Beginning of Recovery Process

10/13/99 NOAA names winners of 1999 Walter B. Jones Memorial and NOAA Excellence Awards for Coastal and Ocean Resource Management

10/12/99 National Weather Service Selects Contractor For NOAA Weather Wire Service

10/8/99 Status Report Shows Atlantic Salmon Stocks Are Continuing to Decline and Need Additional Protection

10/7/99 Pacific Northwest Faces Another Wet Winter

10/7/99 NOAA Charges Vessel Owners and Operators for Fishing in Florida West Coast Protected Areas

10/7/99 Congressional Report Will Help NOAA Fisheries Resolve Commercial Fishing Fleet Overcapitalization

10/6/99 NOAA, EPA Set to Approve First State Runoff Pollution Plan

10/5/99 Federal Help Desk Registry Established

9/29/99 Atlantic Hurricanes During La Niña Years More Damaging, Costly, Scientists Discover

9/29/99 NOAA Ship Gordon Gunter Returns to Service

9/28/99 International Group Approves New Routes for Large Ships within Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary

9/27/99 NOAA Ship that Located JFK Jr. Aircraft Wreckage Is Surveying Hudson River

9/24/99 National Estuaries Day Is Being Celebrated with a Multitude of Events Across the Country

9/24/99 NOAA Supports the Estuary Habitat Restoration Partnership Act of 1999

9/23/99 Congressional Black Caucus Honors New NOAA Corps Director

9/23/99 NOAA National Weather Service Dedication To Usher in New Era of Weather Safety

9/22/99 Clinton Administration Acts to Help North Carolina Fishermen Hurt by Hurricanes Floyd, Dennis

9/22/99 Summer Wraps Up Drier and Warmer than Normal in U.S., Warmer than Normal Globally, NOAA Announces

9/17/99 NOAA Wins One for Gulf Red Snapper Fishermen

9/13/99 Commerce Awards $15 Million Contract for Supercomputer for Weather Forecast Models

9/9/99 No Need to Expand Endangered Species Act Coverage to Oregon and Northern California Chinook, Fishery Agency Says

9/9/99 Fisheries Service Makes Final Decision for Protection of Chinook Salmon Populations in California, Oregon

9/9/99 Satellite Technology Being Used to Study Lobster Population off Maine Coast, NOAA Announces

9/8/99 Donald Knowles Named as NOAA Fisheries Director of Protected Resources

9/7/99 NOAA Charges Louisiana Seafood Dealer and Fisherman with Significant Shark Fishery Violations

9/3/99 Hurricane Dennis Yields More than Longevity, NOAA Hurricane Scientists Say

9/2/99 Vice President Announces New Support for National Marine Sanctuaries

9/2/99 NOAA National Estuarine Research Reserve System Designates New Site in East Florida

9/2/99 Vice President Al Gore Announces $5 Million in Disaster Relief for New England Fishing Communities

9/2/99 Vice President Al Gore Announces New Action to Help Protect and Preserve U.S. Shores and Oceans

9/2/99 NOAA Seeks Nominees for Highly Migratory Species Advisory Panels

9/2/99 Minnesota Lake Superior Historic Preservation, Shoreline Development to Improve

9/1/99 National Weather Service Releases Service Assessment for Oklahoma/Southern Kansas Tornado Outbreak of May 3, 1999

9/1/99 Wildlife Agency Reminds Public of the Dangers of Feeding and Harassing Wild Dolphins

8/31/99 Contract Awarded for Sounder Instrument for Environmental Satellite System of the Future, NOAA Announces

8/26/99 NOAA Places 3-D Satellite Images of Hurricanes on Line

8/25/99 Web Users Now Have Easier Access to National Hurricane Center Site

8/23/99 NOAA Offers Improved Access to Satellite Images of the Gulf of Mexico

8/20/99 NOAA Announces Global Climate for July 1999

8/18/99 NOAA Team Perches atop Washington Monument for GPS "Height" Survey

8/18/99 NOAA Fisheries Delays Implementing List of Allowable Fisheries; Gear

8/17/99 Iceberg Poses Threat to Mariners in the Southern Ocean, National Ice Center Reports

8/17/99 NOAA Fisheries, American Sportfishing Association Announce $50,000 for Local Community Restoration Projects

8/17/99 Hurricane Camille's 30th Birthday Brings Weather Service Reminder

8/13/99 NOAA Fisheries and US Fish and Wildlife Service Join Forces to Help Save Sea Turtles

8/12/99 Great Lakes Temperature Warmer Than Average, NOAA Scientists Say Lake Levels at 30 year Low

8/12/99 NOAA Satellite Imagery of Salt Lake Tornado, Fires, Hurricanes, and Eclipse Available on Line

8/11/99 Sea Grant Aquaculture Project Helps Restore Tribal Fishery

8/10/99 NOAA Confirms Busy Hurricane Season for 1999

8/5/99 Four States in Northeast Have Driest Growing Season on Record, NOAA Reports

8/3/99 Nation's Newest Estuarine Research Reserve Designated in Mississippi

8/3/99 NOAA Scientists Survey Gulf of Mexico's Warm Water Reservoirs, ‘Fuel Injectors' for Hurricane Intensification

8/3/99 NOAA Scientists Begin Another Season of Hurricane Flying to Improve Track and Intensity Predictions

8/2/99 Mt. Baker Holds Snowfall Record, NOAA Reports

8/2/99 Satellite Data Used to Characterize Urban Environment

7/30/99 NOAA Awarded Coast Guard Unit Commendation for JFK Aircraft Search Efforts

7/27/99 Gulf of Maine Cod Limit Raised to 100 Pounds per Day; Cod Trip Limit Approved for Georges Bank

7/28/99 NOAA Seeks to Save Coral Reefs

With New Weather Forecasting System in Place, NOAA Looks to the Future

Rear Admiral Evelyn J. Fields Formally Assumes Command of Office of NOAA Corps Operations and NOAA Commissioned Corps

7/26/99 Coastal Zone 99 Conference to Spotlight Solutions to Coastal Environmental Problems

NOAA Fisheries Partners with Boston Community Centers to Help Kids Fish in Saltwater

7/19/99 Judge Fines Panama City Boat Rental Company and Operator $4,500 for Illegally Feeding Dolphins

7/16/99 NOAA Researcher Named Ocean Champion

7/16/99 Goes-L Launch Delayed, NOAA and NASA Announce

7/15/99 NOAA Corps Cmdr. Daniel R. Herlihy of Lafayette, Colo., Assumes Command of NOAA Ship Rainier

7/15/99 Capt. Alan Anderson, NOAA Corps, Retires After 27 Years Of Distinguished Service

7/14/99 Dutch Harbor-Unalaska Is Nation's Top Fishing Port for 1998

7/13/99 La Niña To Last Through Winter of 2000

7/12/99 Environmental Data Saved from the Ravages of Time, NOAA Reports

7/12/99 C.F. Bean Inc. Lands Bid for Mississippi Delta Project

7/12/99 Americans Ate More Seafood in 1998

7/9/99 Scientists Study Air Quality Around Great Smoky Mountains

7/8/99 Research Meteorologist David Wark Retires, NOAA Announces

7/6/99 Report Outlines Plans to Meet Future Fish Data Needs

7/6/99 NOAA Seeking Research and Development Proposals for Projects to Strengthen and Improve the U.S. Fishing Industry

7/1/99 Rear Adm. John C. Albright, NOAA Corps, Retires After 31 Years of Distinguished Service

6/30/99 Weekly Snow Cover Product Replaced, NOAA Announces

6/28/99 Volunteers Dive in for Science with Great American Fish Count '99

6/25/99 Clinton Administration Unveils New Ship Reporting System to Prevent Collisions with Endangered Right Whales

6/25/99 Final Proposal Released for the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary

6/25/99 Commerce Secretary Daley Announces Regional Fishery Management Council Appointments

6/24/99 Girl Scouts and NOAA Fisheries Team Up To Enhance Marine Science Education Opportunities

6/24/99 Rear Adm. Nicholas Prahl, NOAA Corps, Assumes Full Command of NOAA Atlantic and Pacific Marine Centers

6/24/99 NOAA's Fisheries Service Awards Contract for Marine Recreational Fishing Survey

6/23/99 Polar Snow Reveals Secrets of Ozone-depleting Gases

6/21/99 Major Air Pollution Study Begins

6/21/99 Fisheries Service to Conduct "Status Review" of Seven Species of Puget Sound Fish

6/16/99 Radar Troubleshooters Receive Award

6/15/99 Weather Satellite De-mated from Launch Vehicle, NOAA and NASA Announce

6/15/99 GOES-7 Transitioned to Hawaii for Use by PEACESAT Station, NOAA Announces

6/15/99 NOAA Researchers and Colleagues Continue Program To Establish Seafloor Observatory on Volcano Summit

6/14/99 NOAA Civilian James Rowe Assumes Command of Oregon II

6/14/99 NOAA & Navy to Begin Data Collecting Mission on Ironclad Ship Monitor

6/11/99 Coral Reefs Focus of Many NOAA Aquarius 1999 Missions

6/11/99 NOAA Ship Rude Surveys Montauk Harbor and Block Island Sound

6/10/99 National Weather Service's AWIPS System is Only Federal Honoree in Computerworld Smithsonian Awards Program

6/10/99 Activists Fined $59,500 in Sugarloaf Dolphin Release

6/10/99 NOAA Helps Plan Safe Start to Great Chesapeake Bay Swim with Tide and Weather Information

6/9/99 Sea Scallopers Return to Eastern Georges Bank

6/9/99 Commerce Secretary Daley Announces Disaster Relief Program for Fishermen

6/8/99 Now You Can "Surf" To The Depths Of The Ocean

6/8/99 Mid-Atlantic Reels from Drought: NOAA Says Short-term Relief in Sight

6/7/99 NOAA's Space Environment Center Issues Forecasts for Space Weather

6/4/99 Fisheries Service Reminds Anglers to Release Striped Bass in Federal Waters

6/4/99 Workshop on Coral Reefs to Be Held in Hawaii, NOAA Announces

6/3/99 Kurkul Named as NOAA Fisheries Northeast Regional Administrator

6/3/99 Gulf Red Snapper Size Limit to Increase from 15 to 18 Inches to Keep Fishery Open Another Three Weeks

5/28/99 NOAA Seeks Comment on Proposed Authorization for Marine Mammal Disturbance During Oil and Gas Seismic Surveys

5/28/99 Dolphin Feeding And Harassment Is Harmful And Illegal, Federal Agency Reminds Public And Boaters

5/27/99 NOAA Hurricane-hunting Jet Flies Pre-season Gulf Coast Awareness Tour

5/27/99 Fulton Fish Market Dealer Charged With 172 Counts of Magnuson-Stevens Act Violations

5/27/99 Gregory Withee Named Assistant Administrator at NOAA

5/27/99 Be Prepared! Busy Atlantic Hurricane Season Ahead

5/26/99 Steelhead-eating Sea Lions All But Gone from Seattle's Ballard Locks

5/26/99 Silent Menace Threatens World Whale Stocks

5/26/99 NOAA Fisheries, American Sportfishing Association Announce Funding to Help Communities Restore Coastal Environments

5/24/99 NOAA and University of Michigan Scientists Discover Tumors in Freshwater Zooplankton

5/19/99 January Through April Was Seventh Warmest on Record, NOAA Reports

5/19/99 Contract Awarded For Ozone Instrument For Satellite System of The Future, NOAA Announces

5/17/99 NOAA/AFS Book Explores Depths of Fish Habitat Research

5/13/99 U.S. Releases Plan For an Integrated Ocean Observing System

5/12/99 Senate Confirms Capt. Evelyn Fields as Director of NOAA Corps; Fields Promoted to Rear Admiral

5/11/99 Secretary Daley Creates Ombudsman for Marine Fisheries Issues

5/10/99 Hagerstown, Md., Police Chief to Head NMFS Enforcement

5/6/99 Fisheries Service Implements Shrimping Restrictions as Leatherback Sea Turtle Concentration Rises off South Carolina

5/4/99 Texas Shrimper Caught Violating Sea Turtle Protection Laws

5/3/99 Classroom Teachers to Attend Weather Satellite Launch, NOAA Announces

4/30/99 NOAA Ship Rude Surveys Penobscot Bay

4/29/99 METEOSAT Satellite Imagery Aiding Noaa Scientists

4/29/99 Commerce Department Issues Initial Finding on Tuna/dolphin Interactions; Will Adopt New Dolphin-safe Label Standard

4/28/99 Partnership Formed to Improve Weather Warning System

4/28/99 Norman Meteorology Researcher Elected to National Academy of Sciences

4/28/99 Pennsylvania Teacher Wins Trip to Weather Satellite Launch, NOAA Announces

4/28/99 National Weather Service to Automate Local NOAA Weather Radio Broadcasts

4/27/99 Weather Satellite to Be Launched in May, NOAA and NASA Announce

4/26/99 NOAA Sea Turtle Investigation Snares Trawler

4/26/99 NOAA Seeks Nominations for "Coastal Heroes" Awards

West Texas Areas Get New Weather Warning System

4/26/99 Suspected Vandalism on Buoy 51004

4/26/99 NOAA Sea Grant Restores Black Ash along St. Lawrence

4/26/99 NMFS Issues First Comprehensive Fishing Rules for Atlantic Migratory Fish

4/22/99 International, National and Local Teamwork: Goal of U.S. Hurricane Specialists' Visit to East Coast

4/22/99 Aquanauts, New Submersibles Launch into Depths of the Ocean

4/21/99 Stormlink Seeks Severe Weather Reports

4/21/99 NOAA Helps Teachers Explain Effects of Natural Disasters

4/21/99 New Satellite Instrument Helps Scientists Distinguish Snow from Clouds, NOAA Announces

4/21/99 What's up with Ozone-depleting Gases in the Atmosphere? Will They Continue to Decline?

4/21/99 NOAA Research Office Recognizes Local Environmental Heroes

4/21/99 NOAA Research Office Recognizes Local Environmental Heroes
- New York

4/21/99 NOAA Research Office Recognizes Local Environmental Heroes
- Hawaii

4/20/99 Great Lakes Environmental Lab Celebrates 25th

4/19/99 International Teamwork: Goal of U.S. Hurricane Specialists' Visit to Caribbean Islands

4/19/99 NOAA Lab Plans Briefing on Tennessee Air Quality Forecast System

4/16/99 NOAA Issues Civil Penalties for Violating Turtle Excluder Device Regulations and Taking a Sea Turtle

Fisheries Service Follows State Rules to Protect Atlantic Sturgeon; Bans Fishing in Federal Waters

Oceans Retain More Carbon Dioxide During El Niño Events

Hawaiian Whale Watching And Research Operation Assessed

Fisheries Services Releases Draft Science Report on Snake River Dam Options

Kimpel Selected President Elect of American Meteorological Society

NOAA Fisheries and Marine Educators Team up to Enhance Marine Science Education

Weather Service Declares River Forecast Demonstration A Success; System Helps Predict Flooding

National Weather Service's AWIPS System Honored by Computerworld Smithsonian Awards Program

National Weather Service Announces Appointment of Southern Region Deputy Director

NOAA Announces Initiatives at the U.S. - China Forum on Environment and Development

Chinese Fishing Vessel Assessed $105,000 Civil Penalty for Violating Federal Fishing Regulations

NOAA Fisheries Announces Two Senior Management Changes

Commerce Department Promotes NOAA Fisheries Director

NOAA Fisheries Service and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Propose to Add One Cutthroat Population, Drop Another from Endangered Species List

Weather Service Says River Forecast Demonstration Successful

Weather Service Commemorates Nation's Worst Tornado Outbreak

Code of Angling Ethics Adopted by the National Marine Fisheries Service

First Class of NOAA Corps Recruits in Four Years to Graduate from Officers' Training and Begin Operations

"Student Connection" Offers Internet View into NOAA Research Ship Operations

April 1 Marks the Start of Tsunami Awareness Month

E. Timbalier Barrier Island to Grow Under $8.88 Million Project

3/19/99 Geraldine Knatz Voted Chair-elect of Sea Grant Panel

3/19/99 Frank Kudrna Elected Chair of Sea Grant Panel

Commerce Department Identifies Italy For Use of Driftnets

NOAA Fisheries Will Soon Employ New Tool to Protect Fish Stocks

NOAA Ship Miller Freeman to Resume Fisheries Research; Ship Completes Extended Repair Period with Alaska Ship and Drydock

Japanese and American Scientists to Meet in Honolulu

"Be Aware and Be Prepared"—Weather Service Issues Annual Flood Outlook

Federal Fisheries Agency Adds Nine West Coast Salmon to Endangered Species List; Action marks first time protection has extended to heavily populated areas

Commerce Department Makes Final Import Ban on Small Swordfish; Action will help save dwindling Atlantic stocks

3/15/99 "Weather Knows No Boundaries"—U.S. Hurricane Experts Visit Central America/Caribbean Nations

U.S. Coral Reef Task Force Announces New Actions for the Protection of Coral Reefs

3/5/99 NOAA Seeks Comments on a Proposed Authorization that Allows USGS to Disturb Marine Mammals During Earthquake Research

United States and Australia Collaborate to Provide Early Warning of Coral Bleaching, NOAA Reports

NOAA Ship Saves Three Mariners From Perishing in Stormy Seas

NOAA's Fisheries Service Publishes 1999 List of Fisheries

New Navigation System to Protect Keys Coral Reefs

3/2/99 Satellites and Education Conference to Be Held March 10-12, NOAA Announces

Headwaters Statement by Commerce Assistant Secretary Terry Garcia

3/1/99 Rear Admiral William L. Stubblefield, Director of the NOAA Corps, Retires

Mid-Winter Assessment: Strong La Niña Influences Global Weather Extremes

NOAA Seeks Comments on a Proposed Authorization for the City of San Diego to Harass Harbor Seals During La Jolla Children's Pool Reclamation

U.S. Gains Agreement by World Fishing Nations at U.N. Meeting to Reduce Excess Fishing Capacity, Save Sharks And Seabirds

NOAA's Fisheries Service Proposes Guidelines For Future Fishing Vessel And Permit Buyouts

NOAA Fills Key National Weather Service Position for Southern United States

U.S. Pressing World Fishing Nations at U.N. Meeting to Agree on Reducing Excess Fishing Capacity And Saving Sharks And Seabirds

NOAA Seeks Comments on a Proposed Reauthorization for California Department of Transportation to Harass Seals During Bridge Reconstruction

Large Whale Protection Plan Finalized by NOAA Fisheries

Study by NOAA Scientists Could Lead to Better Predictions of El Niño, Commerce Agency Says

Federal Resource Agency Says Growing West Coast Seal, Sea Lion Populations Increasingly in Conflict With Humans, Salmon

NOAA Employee Chosen as African American Role Model

Red Lobster, The University of Rhode Island, and NOAA Team up to Complete "Seeding" Artificial Reefs With Juvenile Lobsters

Weather Service Marks Centennial of Benchmark Cold Wave

January Tornado Number Breaks National Records

2/5/99 Dick Davis Retires From National Climatic Data Center After 53 Years of Service

President Clinton Expands Federal Effort to Combat Invasive Species

NOAA Provides Global Warming Web Site That Features Ancient Perspective

NOAA Announces Fiscal Year 2000 Budget

Settlement to Clear Way for Restoration Projects in Tampa Bay

NOAA Corps Lt. j.g. Robert A. Kamphaus Selected Junior Officer of the Year

NOAA Scientists to Fly in High Winds over North Atlantic to Test Satellite Instruments

Carol Bernthal Named Superintendent of NOAA's Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary

G.P. Schmahl Named Manager of NOAA's Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary

Feds On the Trail of the Right Whale; The Public Can Follow the Trail via the Internet

National Weather Service Climate Expert Makes La Niña Predictions

1/26/99 NOAA Fisheries Bans Driftnets in North Atlantic Swordfish Fishery;
Ruling prohibits driftnets to catch swordfish throughout Atlantic Ocean

NOAA Announces Public Hearings, and Extends Comment Period for Management Plan Proposal to Protect Overfished Atlantic Billfish, Swordfish, Sharks and Tunas

Vehicles and Flood Water Do Not Mix; National Weather Service Stresses Flood Safety

1/25/99 Weather Service Stresses Caution in Flood-prone Areas

La Niña Drives Some U.S. Winter Weather Extremes; Forecasters Predict La Niña Will Linger Until June -- At Least

Scientists Find El Niño-like Climate Fluctuations Became More Common 5,000 Years Ago

National Weather Service Climate Expert Makes La Niña Predictions

Emory D. Anderson Named Sea Grant Fisheries Program Director

NOAA Ship Ronald H. Brown Departs on Year-Long Climate Research Cruise

1/13/99 NOAA Fills Key National Weather Service Positions

Marine Fish Stocks on the Mend

President Announces $183 Million for Protecting Oceans and Coasts

NOAA to Study Atmosphere over Pacific Ocean to Improve Weather Predictions and Clear Air Turbulence Forecasts

1998 Warmest Year on Record, NOAA Announces

Feds Propose Rules for Lobstering in Federal Waters; Expand on Interstate Plan Measures

Scientists, Public to Benefit from Highly-detailed Images Showing Hurricane Georges Damage to Louisiana Coast

1/7/99 NOAA Corps Commander Roger L. Parsons Takes Over Command of the Oceanographic Research Ship RONALD H. BROWN

1/05/99 Science, Technology Helped Forecasters Detect New Year's Storm