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Hurricane Isabel Disrupts Schedule

NOAA Fisheries chief Bill Hogarth has postponed his Thursday meetings with constituents on Pawley’s Island, S.C., due to concerns about the effect that Hurricane Isabel may have on those who live and work on the Atlantic coast.

“We want everyone to have an opportunity to attend this meeting, and safety of life and property always takes precedence when a hurricane is near,” said Hogarth.

NOAA Fisheries will reschedule the constituent meetings in the near future, and will notify constituents via a Federal Register notice, through the news media, the Constituent Sessions Web site: and through FishNews.

The constituent sessions had been scheduled on Thursday afternoon and evening (Sept. 18) in conjunction with the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council meeting and was one of several meetings that the NOAA Fisheries director has been holding to hear from fishermen and other constituents around the country about fishery management issues.

Constituents are welcome to provide comments on the Constituent Sessions Web site by clicking on the e-comments link, which lists a variety of fisheries issues. You may also contact Gordon Helm at (301) 713-2370, ext. 140 or e-mail

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