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California’s Mendocino and Lake County residents now have permanent access to weather information anytime, thanks to a new NOAA Weather Radio transmitter installed recently on Laughlin Ridge near Ukiah. The transmitter is a cooperative effort between the Commerce Department’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the Agriculture Department’s Rural Utilities Service and the Mendocino Emergency Services Authority (MESA).

The new transmitter, which was dedicated today during a ceremony at the Mendocino County Board of Supervisor’s Chambers, gives the northwestern California area a direct link to NOAA’s National Weather Service in Eureka. NOAA Weather Radio, known as “The Voice of the National Weather Service,” is a live 24-hour source of the latest weather forecasts and warnings broadcast directly from NOAA National Weather Service offices.

According to Nancy Dean, meteorologist-in-charge of the Eureka office, "this is a great success story for the community. Through the Rural Utility Service grant program, MESA was able to purchase and donate this transmitter to the NOAA National Weather Service. We are excited about what this means to the community and are grateful to MESA and the USDA, for their partnership to make this transmitter a reality."

“This amazing cooperative effort by many federal, state and local agencies has brought a critical service to our residents and our neighbors. It will bring vital services to an area that has been without for many years,” said Richard Shoemaker, president of the Mendocino Board of Supervisors. Representatives from many of the local jurisdictions affected by the new transmitter attended the ceremony.

“This Ukiah transmitter significantly increases our ability to reach the community directly with vital weather warnings. When you don’t have a radio or TV turned on so you can hear about changing weather patterns, having a seven band NOAA Weather Radio in your car or truck, on your tractor or in your home helps you protect your family, yourself and your property,” Dean said.

Residents of interior Mendocino and southern Lake Counties can tune in to 162.400 MHz on the weather radios for the broadcasts. Residents of coastal Mendocino County can also continue to listen to NOAA Weather Radio from the Cold Springs Lookout transmitter at 162.550 MHz for coastal weather information, specifically including the marine report.

According to Vickie Nadolski, NOAA National Weather Service Western Region director, “The Ukiah transmitter will help the residents, tourists, gardeners, truckers and boaters to always have access to the most current information via the weather radio.”

“It is an honor to partner with NOAA’s National Weather Service on this project,” said Richard Paige, executive director of MESA. “It’s very important for everyone to stay abreast of the changing weather patterns that are typical in this area. We don’t want anyone hurt or lives lost because they weren’t aware of the weather. The system also serves as an all hazard warning system permitting us to provide immediate, non-weather emergency information to local residents and remote or isolated response agencies.” Paige added, “It took the efforts of many individuals and agencies to reach this point. The main effort was provided through the Eureka office, but a great deal of assistance was received from the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services and the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.”

The NOAA Weather Radio network has over 825 transmitters, covering all 50 states, adjacent coastal waters, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and U.S. Pacific Territories. Additional information about the NOAA Weather Radio is available at

The NOAA National Weather Service is the primary source of weather data, forecasts and warnings for the United States and its territories. The NOAA National Weather Service operates the most advanced weather and flood warning and forecast system in the world, helping to protect lives and property and enhance the national economy. For more information about the NOAA National Weather Service, see For more information about the programs and services available at the NOAA National Weather Service Forecast Office in Eureka, please see

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