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President George W. Bush has signed a proclamation declaring the week of May 19-25 "Hurricane Awareness Week" in support of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's efforts to provide early and accurate warnings that will help keep people safe and property damage to a minimum during the 2002 hurricane season. Hurricane Awareness Week is a nationwide campaign led by NOAA, an agency of the Department of Commerce, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and storm-vulnerable East and Gulf Coast states to increase preparedness and safety among residents.

"Nearly 50 million people live along hurricane-prone coastlines in the United States," said Department of Commerce Deputy Secretary Sam Bodman. "The President through this proclamation wants every American living in these vulnerable areas to be aware of the dangers and have a plan of action when a storm threatens."

"President Bush is calling on all of us to do our part in reducing the loss of life and property from hurricanes," said FEMA Director Joe M. Allbaugh. "With no major hurricane striking the United States in the last two years, many people living along hurricane-prone coastlines may be feeling a false sense of security."

"As NOAA prepares for another hurricane season we are grateful for the President's support to promote hurricane awareness," said NOAA Administrator Vice Adm. Conrad Lautenbacher, jr., USN (ret.). "We've seen nearly a decade of above average hurricane activity in the Atlantic and, although we can't predict which communities may experience the awesome power of a hurricane this season, we want residents in all hurricane prone areas to be ready to act."

Hurricane Awareness Week features a web site that highlights five severe weather safety topics – one for each day of the week. It can be found on the World Wide Web at The full text of the proclamation can be found at

In addition, tips and information on protecting your home and family from disasters can be found on FEMA's web site at