NOAA 2000-287
Contact: Curtis Carey


Gary Carter, a 30-year veteran of NOAA's National Weather Service, has been named the new director of the Office of Hydrologic Development. Carter will bring his extensive experience as a research scientist and manager to the vital task of improving and enhancing NWS production of hydrology products to help minimize the impacts of flooding.

Carter comes to this job from the National Weather Service Eastern Region, where he served as chief of the Scientific Services Division for more than 10 years. Flooding is the number one forecasting problem in the Eastern region because of the terrain, population concentration, and potential for hurricane influences. In his work, Carter demonstrated his commitment to delivering the rapid and accurate forecasts needed for public safety.

"We are entering a new generation of visually-oriented river forecasting products which will help the National Weather Service lessen the devastating impacts of floods on life and property," declared Carter. "The National Weather Service's Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service is a major initiative in river forecasting capability, and I will work to further its implementation."

A graduate of San Jose State University in California, Carter began his career with the National Weather Service as a student trainee. During his career he has frequently received recognition for his many contributions to weather forecasting.

"Gary will give us an added dimension in the National Weather Service commitment to partnering with the research and academic community," said retired Brig. Gen. Jack Kelly, director of the NWS. "His ties to the scientific community will further enable us to apply hydrologic research to the development and improvement of river forecast systems.