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Techniques for using manganese minerals from the ocean to help grow Koa
seedlings, Maui onions, and orchids is one of the many topics to be covered at the 9th
Pacific Congress on Marine Science and Technology, a conference being
held June 5-9 at the Hawaiian Regent Hotel in Waikiki. Governor Benjamin J.
Cayetano is scheduled to convene the opening ceremony, announced the National
Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
, one of the sponsors.

"We can expect to deliberate issues, hear the latest scientific findings, and decide the best way to deal with environmental problems next week at PACON," said C. Barry Raleigh, conference co-chair and dean of SOEST, University of Hawaii. "Our coasts and oceans are among our most important resources–the advances in science and technology that will be announced at PACON will help decision-makers who are responsible for managing those resources."

Organized by PACON International, a non-profit organization headquartered in Hawaii, the conference is the only recurring scientific forum that focuses on Hawaii and Pacific marine science research and ocean technology. Over 200 presentations will be made on a variety of subjects including climate change, coral reefs, tsunamis, tropical cyclones, superports, oil spills, coastal erosion, tourism, and many others.An exhibit hall will feature government and industry booths. About 400 people are expected to attend, including government officials, industry leaders, scientists, and interested public from over 20 Pacific Rim countries.

This year's theme, The Pacific Century, reflects on the increased visibility and involvement of Asia and Pacific Rim countries in political leadership, scientific endeavors, and economic growth.In addition to announcing scientific findings, one of the major aims of PACON is to foster joint projects and economic opportunities. The marine sector is growing in the Pacific and many companies and organizations are looking for outside suppliers and partners. PACON will provide a setting in which to establish these contacts.

PACON is a high profile science conference in the international ocean community as evidenced by the five honorary chairs: Governor Cayetano;Hyung Tack Huh, past president of the Korea Ocean Research and Development Institute;Hongmo Yan, former director of the State Oceanic Administration in China; Hajime Sako, president of the Japan International Marine Science and Technology Federation, andSergei Shapovalov of Russia. PACON conferences have been held in each of these countries. General Chairs for PACON 2000 are John Carey, former deputy associate administrator of NOAA, and Barry Raleigh.

Monday will begin with a keynote address by Rear Admiral Paul G. Gaffney, II, chief of naval research. A theme panel will follow, addressing the conference directions.Tuesday through Thursday will begin with a general lecture to give a context to the more specific technical sessions which follow.Scheduled lectures:

Tuesday: "Practical Considerations on Coastal Utilization in Taiwan," Professor Hwung-Hweng, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

Wednesday: "Marine Data–Access and Availability Issues," Chris Andreasen, U.S. National Imagery and Mapping Agency

Thursday: "Sustainable Ocean Exploration," David W. Jourdan, Nauticos, Inc.

Friday: "OCEAN Korea 21 - Korea's National Ocean Program, A Millennium Program for 2000-2005," Dr. Hyung Tack Huh, past president, Korea Ocean Research and Development Institute

A registration fee is required.Technical field trips and social events are planned as part of the program including an awards banquet on Tuesday evening. Tickets to events are available as part of the registration fee.

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