NOAA News Releases 2000
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12/29/00 Hilo Weather Office Wins Isaac Cline Award

12/28/00 Researchers Drill South Pole Snowpack to Determine Century's Air Quality

12/22/00 NOAA Fisheries Announces January 1 Opening for 2001 Fisheries

12/20/00 Coastal Research and Monitoring Strategy Released

12/19/00 National Weather Association Honors National Weather Service Employee

12/19/00 Companies Will Pay $73 Million for World's Largest DDT Site

12/19/00 Ups and Downs Mark Year In Weather for 2000, NOAA Says

12/18/00 2000 in Review: The Year Began with Record Warmth in the U.S. and Ends with Colder than Normal Temperatures Across Much of the Country

12/15/00 NOAA to Aid NORAD in Tracking Santa Claus

12/15/00 Microscopic Life Provides Clues About Past Climates, NOAA Scientist Tells AGU

12/15/00 One-Stop Shopping for Ice Core Data Available on Internet, NOAA Scientists Tell AGU

12/15/00 Ionosondes Used in Research Make Sophisticated Measurements of Outer Part of Earth's Atmosphere, NOAA Scientist Tells AGU

12/15/00 New Tree Ring Data Providing Clues to Temperatures in Rockies from 1000 Years Ago, NOAA Tells AGU

12/14/00 Santa Asks NOAA: Who Will Have a White Christmas?

12/12/00 Southern Plains States Brace for Arctic Cold/wintry Mix

12/12/00 NOAA Names New Director of Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

12/11/00 Fisheries Service Offers $10,000 Reward in a Netting Case Which Caused Four Green Sea Turtle Deaths

12/11/00 Commerce Secretary Mineta Takes Strong Actions As Alarming New Findings About Coral Reefs Are Released

12/8/00 Feds Consider Updates to Lobster Rules

12/7/00 Major Arctic Outbreak Threatens Western and Central United States

12/5/00 Sixth-graders Participate in NOAA's Internet at Sea Program

12/4/00 Rear Admiral Fields of NOAA Corps Honored by The Explorers Club

12/1/00 NOAA and Louisiana DNR Dedicate Little Vermilion Bay Project

12/1/00 After 82 Years, Aviation Weather Forecasts Still Flying High

12/1/00 New CD-ROM Climate Atlas of Contiguous United States Produced by NOAA

12/1/00 NOAA Fisheries Issues Biological Opinion on Alaskan Fisheries

11/30/00 Important Atlantic Billfish Rebuilding Program Adopted at International Meeting

11/30/00 Above-Average 2000 Atlantic Hurricane Season Continues Recent Upturn in Activity; U.S. Spared Extensive Hurricane Damage

11/27/00 Contract Awarded for Advanced Imager Instrument for Environmental Satellite System of the Future, NOAA Announces

11/27/00 National Weather Service/"Ham" Operators to Launch Special Event

11/24/00 Active Sun Sending Storms Towards Earth

11/21/00 Patterns of Global Climate Change Over Recent Centuries Reported By NOAA and University Scientists

11/21/00 NOAA Ship Ronald H. Brown Returns to Charleston Home Port after Two Years of Global Exploration

11/20/00 New Wind Sensor Aboard NOAA Ship Withstands Storms, Provides Current Weather Data

11/20/00 NOAA Restoration Center to Partner with the Nature Conservancy on Marine Habitat Restoration

11/20/00 NOAA Announces Southwest Habitat Restoration Grants for 2000

11/20/00 NOAA Announces Northeast Habitat Restoration Grants for 2000

11/17/00 NOAA Increases Commitment to Halt International Poaching and Importation of Illegal Seafood

11/17/00 Carter Named Hydrology Director, National Weather Service

11/16/00 Oak Ridge Boy Richard Sterban Honored by NOAA

11/16/00 NOAA Weather Radio Receivers Make Good Gifts This Holiday Season

11/14/00 NOAA Charges Commercial Vessel Owner and Fisherman with Violations of the Lacey Act and False Reporting

11/14/00 President Clinton Signs the National Marine Sanctuary Act of 2000 and Establishes New Scholarship

11/13/00 October Temperatures Above Normal in Much of U.S., NOAA Reports; January through October Warmest on Record

11/13/00 Kathleen Kelly Named Director of Satellite Operations at NOAA

11/13/00 Wild Atlantic Salmon in Maine Protected as Endangered Species

11/9/00 New Class of NOAA Corps Recruits Graduates from Officers' Training Today

11/9/00 NRC Report Confirms Use of Marine Protected Areas as Tool for Sustaining Ocean Ecosystems

11/6/00 NOAA Increases Enforcement of Feeding Ban to Protect Wild Dolphins

11/6/00 NOAA-16 Environmental Satellite Successfully Completes Testing and Is Turned Over to NOAA

11/6/00 Space Radar Corporation Surrenders Satellite Operating License, NOAA Reports

11/3/00 Satellite Processing of 121.5/243 MHz Emergency Beacons to Be Terminated on Feb. 1, 2009

11/2/00 Congress Approves Half-million to Implement Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Agricultural Plan

11/2/00 National Sea Grant Director Wins Presidential Rank Award

11/2/00 NOAA to Host Meeting of World Data Centers

11/1/00 Climate Change and Human Impacts Are Damaging the World's Coral Reefs, NOAA Reports

11/1/00 New Life, Energy Sources Found During Gulf of Mexico Exploration

11/1/00 NOAA Fisheries Announces Ocean Aquaculture Workshops

10/25/00 NOAA Science Center Hosts Public Open House

10/24/00 President Honors NOAA Research Scientist

10/23/00 NOAA Science Advisory Board Meets in Hawaii

10/20/00 NOAA Fisheries Announces Delay in Release of Biological Opinion

10/20/00 NOAA Seeks Comments on a Proposed Authorization for the Harassment of Dolphins Incidental to Explosive Testing of an Obstacle and Mine Clearance System at Eglin Air Force Base, Fla.

10/19/00 NOAA/EPA Approve Puerto Rico's New Polluted Runoff Program

10/19/00 United States and Russia Release Joint Sea Ice Atlas for the Arctic Ocean

10/17/00 NOAA Donates Computers to Watsonville High School

10/17/00 NOAA's Environmental Satellites Provide Early Warning of Drought to Countries Around the World

10/17/00 Origin of Life on Earth May Have Begun with Tiny Atmospheric Droplets

10/17/00 Commerce Secretary Mineta Opens Doors to a New World-Class Federal Marine Research Facility in Santa Cruz

10/13/00 NOAA Research Names Employees of the Year

10/13/00 U.S. and Russian Arctic Climate Data Released, NOAA and National Snow and Ice Data Center Announce

10/12/00 Commerce Secretary Mineta Acts to Protect Horseshoe Crabs

10/12/00 NOAA Issues Nation's Official Winter Outlook

10/10/00 NOAA and the National Space Club Seek Nominations for Prestigious NOAA-David Johnson Award

National Weather Service Veteran Dean Gulezian Named Eastern Region Director

10/7/00 Scientists Dive Deep to Explore New World of Gulf's Riches

10/6/00 NOAA Fisheries Closes Area on the Grand Banks to Longline Fishermen under Emergency Rule to Protect Sea Turtles

10/6/00 NOAA Ship Rude Surveys Approaches to New Haven, Conn.

10/5/00 Ozone Hole Earlier, but Not Deeper in 2000

10/4/00 Scientists Use the Past as a Guide to Future Climate Change

10/3/00 From Tornadoes to Floods, Lewis and Clark County Stormready

10/2/00 Departments of Commerce and Interior Support United Kingdom's Move to Protect Basking Sharks

9/28/00 NOAA Scientists Study How Hurricanes Intensify Over Deep Warm Pools of Gulf Water

9/27/00 NOAA Awards Contract for Research Supercomputer

9/27/00 New NOAA Program Provides Early Warning of Coral Bleaching

9/21/00 Extreme Weather Events to Continue and Likely Increase; Effects on Society More Intense

9/21/00 NOAA-L Weather Satellite Successfully Launched

9/20/00 Rear Admiral Evelyn Fields, NOAA Corps, Receives Commerce Department's Highest Honor

9/20/00 NOAA Recaps Summer of 2000, Says La Niña Influence Gone

9/19/00 Commerce Secretary Mineta Announces Launch of New Vital Global Climate Prediction Project

9/15/00 Secretary Mineta Urges Congress to Fund Ocean Programs

9/14/00 NOAA's Satellite Ground System Ready If Hurricane Should Wallop Wallops

9/13/00 Ozone Layer's Recovery Still in the Future

9/11/00 NOAA Fisheries Ship Model Resurfaces in S. Portland Bank

9/11/00 James DuGranrut Becomes New Deputy Director of NOAA's Aircraft Operations Center in Tampa

9/8/00 NOAA Proposes Penalties of $12,500 Against Two Panama City Red Snapper Fishermen

9/7/00 National Weather Service Commemorates 1900 Galveston Hurricane

9/7/00 Oak Ridge Boys Singer Records NOAA Weather Radio Public Service Announcement

9/1/00 NOAA Fisheries, Ocean Trust and National Fisheries Institute Launch Habitat Restoration Program

8/31/00 NOAA Fisheries Announces Ocean Aquaculture Workshops

8/29/00 Dutch Harbor-Unalaska Is Nation's Top Fishing Port for 1999

8/29/00 North Atlantic Climate Swing Seen in NOAA Computer Model

8/29/00 NOAA, NASA to Launch New Environmental Satellite

8/28/00 Miss Piggy and Kermit Reunited of NOAA's Aircraft Operations Center in Tampa

8/24/00 Natural Disaster Slide Sets Available from NOAA

8/24/00 NOAA Seeks Comments on an Application from Scripps to Research New Methods for Measuring Global Warming

8/24/00 Northeast Summer Increases Hurricane Flood Threat

8/23/00 Edward N. Rappaport Named Deputy Director of Tropical Prediction Center - National Hurricane Center

8/23/00 Advanced Weather Technology Is Fully Operational at National Weather Service Offices Nationwide

8/22/00 NOAA Announces Plans to Raise More Artifacts from the Monitor National Marine Sanctuary

8/21/00 Tornado Season Unusually Quiet

8/17/00 All Systems "Go" on New Weather Satellite

8/17/00 Sanctuary Advisory Council Considers Proposed Regulation Alternatives
Management Plan Review Underway for Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary

8/17/00 July Temperatures Cooler in Much of U.S., NOAA Reports, But Hot Temperatures and Drought Persist in the South and West; January through July Warmest on Record

8/16/00 NOAA Launches New Web Site on Ancient Droughts

8/14/00 Capt. Bob Maxson, NOAA Corps, Becomes New Director of NOAA's Aircraft Operations Center in Tampa

8/10/00 2000 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook Still "Above Average"

8/8/00 National Weather Service Reiterates Safety Messages as Season's First Hurricane Brews in the Atlantic

8/8/00 Commerce Secretary Mineta, Delaware Governor Carper Announce Proposal to Protect Horseshoe Crabs in Delaware Bay

8/8/00 Virginia must Comply with Plan to Conserve Horseshoe Crabs

8/4/00 Dr. Rebecca Lent Appointed Southwest Regional Administrator

8/4/00 Craig Mcdonald Named as Superintendent of NOAA's Gerry E. Studds Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary

8/3/00 New Assistant Administrator Named for National Ocean Service

8/3/00 USS Monitor's Propeller Shaft and Skeg Recovered by NOAA's National Marine Sanctuary Program and U.S. Navy

8/2/00 Rain Raises Great Lakes Levels, Still Below Average, Say NOAA Scientists

8/1/00 Americans Ate More Seafood in 1999

8/1/00 NOAA Fisheries Issues Final Rule Restricting Pelagic Longline Fisheries in Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico

7/28/00 Tropical Waters in Northern Hemisphere Heating at an Accelerated Rate, NOAA Reports

7/28/00 International Maritime Group Moves on Historic Measures to Protect Coral Reefs from Anchor Damage

NOAA Names Elizabeth Day Leader of Sea Grant Education Program

Federal Agencies Propose Comprehensive Salmon Recovery Strategy for Pacific Northwest

7/26/00 1100 Years of Rainfall Data for East Africa Available from NOAA

NOAA Fisheries to Hold Scoping Workshops on Potential Management Measures for Pelagic Longline Fishery

New NOAA Poster Depicts Floor of the Northern Gulf of Mexico

NOAA Seeks Public Comment on International Plan to Address Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported Fishing

Broward County Marine Science Magnet Students to Conduct Research Aboard NOAA Ship

Weather Service Names St. Louis Native as Central Region Director

Dr. Bill Hogarth Appointed Deputy Director of NOAA Fisheries

Underwater Landslides, Slumps May Intensify Tsunamis, Say Scientists

NOAA and Partners Sponsoring Summer Enrichment Camp

7/14/00 NOAA Predicts Severe Solar Storm for Saturday

NOAA'S Aquarius to Study Predators on Conch Reef

Dolphin Feeding and Harassment Is Harmful and Illegal, Federal Agency Reminds Public and Boaters

Department of Commerce Approves $10 Million Loan For Closed System Aquaculture Projects

7/7/00 NOAA Fines Two Texas Fishermen $439,000 and Imposes New Sanctions Against Them

7/5/00 Deputy Commerce Secretary Mallett Announces Regional Fishery Management Council Appointments

6/29/00 NOAA Survey Ship Rude to Participate in International Naval Review

6/28/00 New Climate Station at North Carolina Arboretum Unveiled

6/28/00 California Sea Grant Names New Director

6/26/00 NOAA Fisheries Approves Expanded Boundaries for Protected Habitat Area off Florida's East Coast to Protect Oculina Coral

6/26/00 Founder of Hawaii Fishing Foundation Receives Noaa Environmental Hero Award

6/26/00 NOAA Fisheries Partners with Top Recreational Fishing and Boating Organizations

6/23/00 Chevron Consistency Appeal Record Held Open

6/21/00 NOAA Fisheries, BoatU.S. Promote Marine Conservation And Saltwater Angling

6/20/00 Federal Agency Unveils Innovative E.S.A. Salmon Rules

6/20/00 Summer Forecast - Hot! NOAA, CDC Work To Save Lives From Potentially Deadly Heat

6/19/00 NOAA Fisheries to Perform Annual Turtle Excluder Device Testing

6/19/00 Agreement Reached on Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary and
Underwater Preserve

6/16/00 USS Monitor to Undergo Restoration in Order to Prevent Collapse

6/16/00 U.S. Has Its Warmest Spring and Year-to-Date on Record, NOAA Reports

6/15/00 NOAA Charges South Carolina Commercial Vessel Owner and Fisherman for South Atlantic Snapper-grouper Violations

6/15/00 New Regulations Announced for the Gulf of Mexico Gag, Black, and Red Grouper Fisheries

6/14/00 Commerce Secretary Announces More Sea Scallops Available to North Atlantic Fishermen

6/12/00 NOAA Releases Report on Nutrient Related Water Quality Conditions in U.S. Estuaries

6/12/00 Scientists Take to the Florida Skies to Find Everglades Mercury Source

6/8/00 Louisiana Seafood Dealer and Fisherman Agree to Pay $178,000 for Shark Fishery Violations

6/8/00 Sustainable Seas Expeditions Launched in Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary

6/7/00 NOAA Detects Major Solar Flare

6/6/00 NOAA Fisheries and American Sportfishing Association Dedicate One Million Dollars to Restore Fish Habitat

6/5/00 NOAA Biologists Install Unique Pilot Project on Louisiana's Chandeleur Islands

6/1/00 NOAA Fisheries Resumes Collection of Recreational Fishery Data in Caribbean

6/1/00 9th Pacific Congress on Marine Science and Technology Opens next Week in Hawaii

5/31/00 Unprecedented Partnership Protects California Sanctuaries From Catastrophic Oil Spills

5/26/00 NASCAR's Darrell Waltrip & NOAA's National Weather Service Warn Against Driving Through Flooded Roads

5/25/00 Secretary of Commerce Daley Inaugurates New Environmental Partnership Between Industry, Government

5/23/00 NOAA Scientists Study Supercell Thunderstorms in Kansas, Colorado

5/19/00 U.S. Has Its Warmest January-April on Record, NOAA Reports

5/19/00 GOES-11 Snaps First Image

5/18/00 U.S. Appeals Federal Court Ruling That Halted Implementation of a New Labeling Standard to Protect Dolphins

5/18/00 U.S. Sets Records for Seafood and Shellfish Imports in 1999

5/18/00 Dolphin Feeding and Harassment Is Harmful and Illegal, Federal Agency Reminds Public and Boaters

5/17/00 NOAA Fisheries Improves Recreational Fishing Survey

5/16/00 Latest Drought Forecast Brings Mix of Good and Bad as Government Issues Drought Commission Report

5/15/00 NOAA Partners with Top U.S. Environmental Organizations to Restore America's Estuaries

5/15/00 National Weather Service Offers Help Programming NOAA Weather Radios

5/15/00 Federal, State and Local Officials Announce Hurricane Awareness Week in Hawaii

5/11/00 Declining Numbers of Migratory Shore Birds and Horseshoe Crabs Have NOAA Fisheries Considering a Closure in Federal Waters

5/10/00 Three New Icebergs Break off in Antarctica, National Ice Center Reports

5/10/00 Eleven Honored for Contributions to NOAA Weather Radio Georgia Governor, QVC Among the Awardees

5/10/00 Mayfield Named New Director of National Hurricane Center

5/10/00 2000 Atlantic Hurricane Season Expected To Be Above Average; Forecasters Eye La Nina, Warn Against Inland-Flooding Hazards

5/9/00 NOAA Issues New Conservation Measures to Protect Toothfish

5/9/00 NOAA Awards Engineering Contract for Satellite Support

5/5/00 New Sea Grant Director for Maryland Named

5/5/00 NOAA Names Environmental Hero at Jacques Cousteau National Estuarine Research Reserve

5/5/00 NOAA Scientists Send Mini-R2D2 to Help Close Arctic Research Gap

5/5/00 Science Applications International Corp. Selected for National Data Buoy Center Contract

5/5/00 White Abalone Proposed as ‘Endangered ‘ under Endangered Species Act

5/4/00 Winters Area Resident Recognized for Outstanding Contributions to the National Weather Service

5/4/00 NOAA Fisheries/Sea Grant Name Four to New Fellowship Program

5/3/00 New Ruling Will Help Hearing Impaired Receive Severe Weather Information

5/3/00 Fourth Satellite in NOAA GOES Series Successfully Launched

5/1/00 First Anniversary of May 3, 1999, Tornado Outbreak Highlights Importance of Warnings and Provides Safety Lessons

NOAA Responds to Request to Quickly Produce New Nautical Chart for Summer Safety

4/27/00 National Weather Service Dedicated Forecast Office in Typhoon Alley

4/27/00 In the Wake of the Chalk Point Oil Spill: Restoring the Public's Natural Resources

4/26/00 National Weather Service San Francisco Bay Area Weather Forecast Office Welcomes New Meteorologist in Charge

4/26/00 New Weather Research Supercomputer Will Improve Future Forecasts

4/26/00 National Weather Service Forecasters Play Key Role in Atlantis Launch and Landing

4/24/00 National Weather Service Consolidates River Data on Internet

4/21/00 NOAA Names Earth Day Heroes for Year 2000

4/21/00 NOAA Names Earth Day Heroes at Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve

4/21/00 National Weather Service Announces New Meteorologist-in-charge for Capital Region of Texas

4/21/00 Hurricane Awareness Goal of Gulf Coast Tour 2000

4/20/00 Weather Observer Receives 30 Year Length of Service Award

4/20/00 Officials Mark New Coastal Polluted Runoff Control Effort

4/20/00 National Weather Service Fills Chief Information Officer Post

4/20/00 Unraveling the Mystery of How the Atmosphere Cleanses Itself

4/20/00 Fisheries Service, Northwest Indian College Form National Indian Center for Research and Education

4/19/00 Federal Groundfish Rules Approved for Fishing Year 2000

4/19/00 NOAA Issues Latest Drought Update

4/18/00 NOAA Reports Record Warmth for January - March 2000

4/18/00 NOAA, NASA to Launch Latest Eye-in-the-sky Weather Satellite

4/13/00 Study Reports Distant Forest Fires Affect U.S. Air Quality

4/13/00 Commerce Secretary Disappointed at Federal Court Ruling

4/12/00 National Weather Service Offers Help Programming Noaa Weather Radios

4/11/00 NOAA Fisheries Develops a New Method of Surveying Charter Boat Fishing Trips

4/7/00 Great Lakes Could Reach New Record Low Levels, Say Commerce Secretary Daley & NOAA Scientists

New Iceberg, B-18, Calves in the Ross Sea

4/6/00 First Major Solar Storm of the Millennium

4/5/00 River Flooding Spreads in Southern States

4/5/00 Spiny Dogfish Plan Implemented Stock Rebuilding to Start May 1

4/3/00 Commerce Secretary Daley Proposes National Foundation to Support Marine Sanctuaries

3/31/00 NOAA Charges Commercial Vessel Owner and Fisherman with South Atlantic Shrimp Fishery Violations

3/30/00 NOAA Laboratory Director To Retire from Federal Service

3/30/00 NOAA Central Library Selected Federal Library of the Year

3/30/00 April 1 Marks 40th Anniversary of First Weather Satellite

3/28/00 Environmental Modeling Center Gets New Director

3/23/00 NOAA Scientists Find Possible Cause for Early 20th Century Global Warming

3/23/00 World Ocean Has Warmed Significantly over past 40 Years

3/22/00 Sea Grant Broadens Minority Marine and Coastal Science Program

3/16/00 NOAA and CRADA Partner Debut Internet-based Update Service for Digital Nautical Charts

3/15/00 NOAA Supporting Conference in Atmospheric Sciences at Howard University

3/15/00 NOAA Places Tornado Information on Line

3/13/00 NOAA Proposes New Conservation Measures to Protect Toothfish

3/13/00 Drought Grips Nearly Half of U.S.

3/10/00 Lt. Cmdr. Scott Kuester, NOAA Corps, Takes Command of Ferrel

3/10/00 NOAA's Aviation Forecasters Have New Weapon To Reduce Flight Delays

3/10/00 NOAA Seeking Public Comment on U.S. Navy Request to Shock Test a New Warship off the Atlantic Coast

3/10/00 U.S. Has its Warmest Winter on Record, 1999-2000, NOAA Reports

3/8/00 International Teamwork: Goal of U.S. Hurricane Specialists' Visit to Carribean Islands

3/8/00 NOAA Takes Viewers ‘Live From the Storm'

3/8/00 Low Carbon Dioxide Levels in Atmosphere During Glacial Periods May Be Caused by Antarctic Sea-ice

3/8/00 Visiting Scientist Sought, NOAA and CIRA Announce

3/8/00 NOAA Fisheries and National Fisheries Institute Join Forces to Help Restore Fish Habitats and Coastal Environments

3/3/00 NOAA Issues New Views of the Globe

3/2/00 U.S. Coral Reef Task Force Unveils Groundbreaking Plan

3/2/00 From Tornadoes to Tsunamis, NOAA Wants Nation to Be Stormready

2/28/00 Aquarius Begins 2000 Mission Season with JASON XI

2/28/00 National Data Buoy Center Gets New Director

2/25/00 Innovative Aviation Website Now Provides User-friendly Graphic Forecasts

2/24/00 Conservation Efforts Increase in Recreational Fishing Community

2/24/00 NOAA READY to Help Balloonist

2/22/00 Former NOAA Employee to be Inducted into the Colorado Women's Hall of Fame

2/22/00 Record Breaking Temperatures Seen as Possible Evidence Of Faster Rate of Global Warming, NOAA Reports

2/22/00 Satellites and Education Conference to Be Held March 9-11, NOAA Announces

2/18/00 World's Most Advanced Weather Technology Commissioned at Taunton River Forecast Center

2/17/00 Oceanographers Say Dead Whales Provide Deep-Sea Living Legacy

2/17/00 New Program Offers Special Price for Life-saving NOAA Weather Radio

2/17/00 Scientists Taking Earth's Temperature Address Different Readings

2/15/00 Implementation of Proposed Regulations for the Gulf of Mexico Gag,
Black Grouper, and Red Grouper Fisheries Postponed

2/8/00 U.S. Helps Name Tropical Cyclones in the Western North Pacific and South China Sea

2/7/00 NOAA Announces FY 2001 Budget Request

2/4/00 Feds Propose Listing of Northern California Steelhead Run Under ESA

2/4/00 NOAA Names Members to Two Advisory Panels

2/4/00 NOAA Awards Contract for Ground Systems Engineering and Depot Support

2/3/00 NOAA Aids in Rescue of 23 Boaters

2/2/00 Heavy Snow and Ice Spur Weather Service Flood Concerns in the East

2/1/00 Commerce Secretary Daley Appoints Nathaniel Robinson to Sea Grant Review Panel

2/1/00 Commerce Secretary Daley Appoints Robert Duce to Sea Grant Review Panel

2/1/00 Commerce Secretary Daley Appoints Robin Alden to Sea Grant Review Panel

2/1/00 Commerce Secretary Daley Appoints Three Sea Grant Panel Members

1/31/00 NOAA Scientist Receives Nation's Highest Scientific Honor

1/31/00 NOAA Study Seeks to Improve Accuracy of Winter Weather Forecasts

1/20/00 Dangerous Winter Storm Hits East Coast

1/19/00 Weather Service Predicts below Normal Flooding for Eastern U.S.

Commerce Secretary Daley Announces West Coast Groundfish Fishery Failure

1/19/00 NOAA Releases New Poster of Floor of Lake Ontario

NOAA Seeks Comments on a Proposed Authorization for CALTRANS to Harass Seals and Sea Lions During Demonstration Bay Bridge Project

1/18/00 New Supercomputer Helps NOAA'S Weather Service Improve Speed and Accuracy of Weather Forecasts

1/14/00 New Partnership Brings Agriculture, Environment Together to Protect Ocean

1/12/00 NOAA Nabs Another Red Snapper Poacher

1/11/00 NOAA Scientist Receives American Meteorological Society's Highest Award

1/10/00 Sustainable Seas Expedition Kicks off 10th Mission in Hawaii

1/7/00 New Technology, Communication, Staff Dedication Helped Save Lives as Winter Tornado Hit Kentucky

1/5/00 Commerce Department Awards Gold Medal to Three NOAA Offices for Recovery Efforts Following Crash of John F. Kennedy Jr.'s Aircraft

1/5/00 NOAA Awards Bronze Medal to Aircraft Operations Center's Systems Engineering Division

1/5/00 Commerce Department Awards Gold Medal to NOAA Ship Oregon II

1/4/00 Commerce Department Implements Regulations to Reduce Dolphin Mortality in the Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean